DBZ edits is going to be changing it’s name to Anime Edits, this blog will still have dbz edits, but it will also have edits and GIFs from other animes, created by our admins, we’ll still be taking submissions as well! we hope you’ll enjoy!

We’re now taking submissions for this page (it doesn’t HAVE to be an DBZ edit it can be any anime edit) and also if you would like to join go to the submit page or ask

  -  25 August

im leaving this blog. sorry guys. our laptop with photoshop on it crashed and well yeah. lol. :’( sorry I didn’t get to make much edits for ya’s. peace.


  -  19 August

Hey all, I would just like to inform everyone that I, adult-swims/mvxgn, won’t be making edits anymore. But don’t worry, the other admins will still be on here making edits for you all! :)

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See you all! It was fun :)

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